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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Oh, The Moon!

Walking around the Denver Amtrak station on the way back home from Salt Lake City, I saw the full moon rising; the “old man in the moon” was just so clear, so three-dimensional, as obvious to me as I can remember.  It was beautiful!  Is it my desire for God that is opening to non-cognitive beauty?  Or is it my cognitive impairment, or is it just a beautiful evening moon when the train trip and my sleep deprivation make my mind more open to newness?  It doesn’t matter, I guess.  It was beautiful!
The present moment in this disease isn’t actually difficult, nothing like my depression.  The symptoms I’m experiencing now are mildly frustrating.  My current suffering, at least, stems primarily from aversion to what’s coming in the future and from attachment to a self that I believe will soon be no longer available.

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