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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Fantasies of the Future

Marja went out with her friend Eve last night; I expected her home about 10 PM.  About 11:00 or so, I began to notice that she wasn’t home yet. After midnight, I began to worry.  Marja is well able to take care of herself, and she’s sometimes forgotten to call me when coming home late.  And I’ve always told her that I don’t worry easily and that events like that were more annoying than worrying.  (True, the previous episodes were during the day and not after midnight.)  I knew that if anything serious had happened, the police or hospital would let me know quickly.  And, above all, I knew I couldn’t do anything about it then. 

I couldn’t sleep, though.  Awhile later I began to fantasize about what it would mean for me if Marja were gone.  And that was a scary thought.  Who would take care of me as I declined?  I couldn’t imagine putting that burden on the children, at least not for very long.  So it would mean, I imagine, loneliness, early nursing home admission, and so on. 

It really is the fantasies about the future not the realities that are most painful.

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