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Friday, January 18, 2013

Sojourners Interns

Washington DC
I led a seminar with the Sojourners interns this morning.  Sojourners is a Christian magazine committed to peace, justice and discipleship.   It’s  a good publication and has done much to bring Christians—especially evangelical Christians—into the movement for peace and justice.  Internships are very competitive and these are very bright and committed young people.  This was my usual seminar on the history of the inner-city black ghetto, and I know the material well.  But I was nervous, perhaps because I thought I would be telling these accomplished young people what they already knew.  My fears were unfounded, but I was still nervous and I found myself much less fluent and having much more difficulty finding words than usual.

So was this just one of those dissatisfying good sessions that every teacher goes through?  Or was it my disease?   I’m beginning to realize that I pop in and out of being affected.  Yesterday at Joseph’s House with the interns was great; this morning at Sojourner's not so much.  In Alzheimer’s symptoms  come, I understand, but it’s confusing.  Should I continue to accept these invitations to work with groups or mentor individuals?  I’ll keep going for now.  I hope I’ll recognize when to stop.

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