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Saturday, January 26, 2013


I guess I’m accommodating to the diagnosis.  I go through days or even weeks when I notice no symptoms … at least no new symptoms.  I suppose I’m getting used to picking up a new magazine and reading half way through an article only to realize that I’ve not only read the magazine previously but that I also read this same article just a few days ago.  Or blanking on a word in every conversation.  Or spending five minutes looking through our tiny apartment for my hat or shoes or backpack several times a day.  I am used to it and it doesn’t feel abnormal.  I catch myself thinking what I’m going to say to friends or those who read my blog if this whole thing turns out to be a false alarm.

I shouldn’t blame Marja, then, for flipping back and forth in how she thinks of me, too,  one night concerned that I’ve just fallen for a telephone scam, the next cautioning me about publishing this blog because it might be something else, not Alzheimer's.  We both go back and forth.

I continue to be amazed at the wonderful conversations I’m having with people.  I’ve had good conversations with people before this disease, of course, but it now happens repeatedly.  My second discussion class with the interns at Joseph’s House was very rewarding.  What a gift!

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